My remote telescope

  • Remote telescope based at the gahberg observatories
  • Gemini 41 mount with FS2 stepmotor controller and TDM Drive Master
  • ATIK 16HR CCD with 2" motor filter wheel and Baader filters
  • Guiding with QHY6 CCD on a MTO 500mm f/5.6 and PHD guiding software
  • primary scope: Skywatcher quattro carbon 10" f/4 photo newton with MPPC corrector
  • secondary scope: C8 1260mm f/6.3 or MTO 300mm f/4.5 with modified & cooled Canon D450
  • software: Cartes du ciel, Atik capture app, PHD guiding, Bathinov grabber, BackyardEOS, Focuspal
  • controlled via teamviewer

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In the early 90ties I started CCD astronomy with a small transportable setup. My setup was a Vixen GP DX mount with a Celestron C8 scope, Starlight SX CCD camera and a selfmade stepmotorcontroller. With this equipment I worked until 2003. After that I got the possibility at the gahberg observatory for a stationary home. Between 2004 and 2007 I did a lot of projects for astro applications. In 2008 I started to think about a remote telescope to have time for the family and my hobby :-)